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Engagement Photoshoot Takes An Epic Turn When Couple Bravely Takes On Cryptid Beast.

man hits mothman with ax

In a world full of social media, we’ve all seen typical engagement photoshoots. Maybe they’re wearing matching flannel, or perhaps their pup is featured. We know (and love!) these trends. But… this couple wanted a creative twist on their engagement photoshoot — and they brought in Mothman to do it!

You’ll notice that the pictures start off pretty standard. The two are wearing gorgeous outfits, pictured in a pretty forest with their dog. But then, in the background… a spooky guest appeared.

man and woman beat mothman with an ax
This image is from TikTok.

That’s right. Mothman was crashing their engagement photoshoot.

Mothman is a character from West Virginian folklore. He’s a ten-foot-tall humanoid with wings and glaring red eyes.

Of course, Mothman is the obvious choice for an engagement photoshoot!

This couple clearly enjoyed taking out their frustrations on Mothman. Over the course of the photos, you can see each person in the duo battling Mothman with an ax. Then, finally, the couple returned to their previously planned photoshoot, though their clothes were now covered in blood.

For couples looking for a spooky and hilarious twist on a classic part of engagement, this photoshoot is the perfect inspiration!

“Did this couple ever consider that Mothman was just trying to congratulate their marriage?” asked one inquisitive viewer of the photos.

Check out this hilarious compilation of Mothman crashing an engagement photoshoot below. It’s seriously epic.

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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