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The Cutest Of The “All Hands In” Trend Delighting Pet Owners Everywhere

Left image shows a woman and her dof doing the All Hands In trend with the cat. Right image shows a cat not interested in playing and biting the Dad's hand.

Ball players huddle before each inning, touching hands before yelling “Let’s Go” or similar rallying cry. One of the latest trends on social media is for animal parents to create a rally circle and try to get their pets to join in. Known as the “All Hands In” trend, it has brought us some humorous results.

Yes, that was totally a snub. Mr. Kitty did not want to play, so he let his people know. However, the tide changed slightly when Mom’s hand was on the top.

As the cat slapped the pile, you could almost hear it thinking, “OK, fine, but this is stupid. I’m leaving!” Stupid or not, a trend is a trend, and even the big cats are doing it. Baston is a resident at the BuschWildlifeSanctuary. He enjoys his handlers and this exchange is pretty amazing. Not all participating families are traditional. This family has dog and cat siblings who understood the assignment.

After a bit of confusion, this little guy figured it out and got all the loving. Golden retrievers are gonna be goldens. Sometimes, they get life and do the right thing. Other times they just want hugs and kisses. These three siblings all had their own understanding of the request.

If you have pets, you probably can’t wait to try this trend with them. I tried it with my two cats. They couldn’t be bothered. Miu Miu was likewise not inclined to play along.

This little guy didn’t quite get the right result, but it caused some equally melted hearts. After watching dozens of these videos, the dogs seemed to grasp the all-hands in trend quicker in almost all instances. Share this with other pet lovers.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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