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Grandma and Cat’s Love-Hate Relationship Is Both Wholesome And Hilarious, Watch!

Every cat owner can relate to the love-hate relationship between this grandma and her cat.

The wholesome yet hilarious video below shows various scenes of the endearing elderly woman and her beloved kitty pal who certainly pushes her buttons.

In one shot, the cat leaps onto grandma’s back. She hunches over, as if afraid of him as he rests peacefully on top of her.

“Get him off me!” she yells.

In a later clip, the cat is hiding in a brown bag.

“Where’s the cat?” grandma asks.

“In the trash,” the guy, presumably her grandson, replies.

“Good,” Grandma says. “Where he belongs.”

The Love-Hate Relationship Between Grandma and Her Cat Is Really All Love

The collection of clips is both adorable and hilarious. At one point, her grandson asks her if she likes the cat.

“No,” she replies.

“Everywhere I go, he goes and gets right in the middle of what I’m doing,” she says as she collects the toilet paper the cat somehow scattered all over the floor.

Multiple times throughout the video, she also states how mad the cat makes her. In fact, she even (jokingly) threatens to throw him outside.

The cat, of course, continues his feline antics. From breaking into her flour to hanging from her curtains, he drives his elderly owner up a wall.

However, “I catch them loving on each other all the time,” her grandson says.

“No, you don’t!” she denies.

Cut to the next clip — which shows her cuddling with the cat.

“I don’t know how he gets in here,” she says when she gets caught showing him affection.

She also lets the cat rub his head against hers as she says, “Give me loving!”

“I thought you didn’t like him,” her grandson calls her out.

“I don’t,” she says.

The video concludes with her holding the cat like a baby.

She might not “like” her furry friend, but she definitely loves him.

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