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Store Manager Lets Boy With Down Syndrome Use Register & The Video Has Us Melting.

jay burke tesco

Every parent knows that a trip to the grocery store is never an easy task when you’ve got your children in tow.

Tantrums can be had, kids can get lost in the seemingly innumerable aisles, and don’t even get us started about the battle you have to wage everytime you go to check-out because of all the candy within arm’s reach! Recently, though, when David Burke Jr.’s son Jay walked up to the register line, he made a beeline, but it wasn’t for the sweets. Now, the video of the adorable moment is warming millions of hearts.

dave and jay burke

Ten-year-old Jay Burke loves nothing more than going grocery shopping at the Tesco in Bradford, U.K. He also has Down syndrome. Like all parents with special-needs children, his mom and dad are never entirely sure what to expect when they bring him along.

As they were standing in the check-out line earlier this month, the young boy decided he was going to ring up his family’s items himself and went to an unmanned register. His parents tried to get him to stop, but “nothing was going to change his mind.”

That’s when something beautiful happened.

jay grocery store

Seeing me trying to persuade Jay to go to another till, James the store manager came over and opened a till especially for us. He and his security manager then proceeded to let Jay scan our shopping to his delight … You guys are stars in our eyes.

David quickly whipped out his phone and began filming the wonderful exchange. Jay took extreme care as he made sure each item scanned. Naturally, word got around and it wasn’t long before Jay’s grocery store excursion went viral.

jay burke grocery

Ten days after that heartwarming shopping expedition, Dave took to social media again to express his gratitude for all the support he’s received.

Life can be a grind and I see my ray of sunshine brighten so many … Thank you for your overwhelming support and kind words. Jay is a true joy … [he] lives in the moment and I think we could all learn a lesson there.

Watch Jay play cashier in the adorable clip below, and share to spread more love and compassion!

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