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“Tell Me About The One That Got Away,” Woman Shares Appreciation For Lost Love

A woman smiling and talking into a microphone.

Almost everyone has that one person in their lives who, for whatever reason, got away. While it can be painful to reminisce on our exes, it’s also healthy to acknowledge how we’ve changed as a result of our former relationships. When Dose of Society asked this woman to talk about a past boyfriend, her response was truly moving. It just goes to show that, even if things didn’t work out with someone, you can still care about them as a person!

In a beautiful video on social media, an interviewer asked Leila Layzell to open up about “the one that got away.” Even though they’d broken up, she had nothing but wonderful things to say about the man. However, she did get understandably emotional while delving into the topic.


The one that got away… @✨Leila Layzell✨

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“He is just one of the most amazing people that I have ever met,” she raved. “Like, literally captivating. He’s just… his confidence, motivation, the way that he sees life. I’ve never met anybody like that.”

After Leila had given her ex such a glowing review, her interviewer obviously wanted to know why she wasn’t still with that person. She explained that they had wanted different things out of life.

“It was just one of those things where I think we’re both just going on different paths,” she said. “We have different views on things, different ways that we see the world. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the way that he sees things and I’m not inspired by it.”

A woman smiling and talking into a microphone.
Screengrab from TikTok

Commenters on the Dose of Society video loved this woman’s perspective on her “one that got away.” Some even had similar experiences!

“I completely understand how she feels when you truly have a healthy respect and love for someone, the love never goes away,” one person wrote.

Another added, “Her kind words just show how beautiful she is inside and out.”

We’re hoping that Leila finds love again! In the meantime, she seems to have a healthy mindset.

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