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Grieving Sister Breaks Down When She Reads Newborn Nephew’s Middle Name

Left image shows Abby Lever, Husband, Ewen, and two daughters. Right image shows the girls visiting their father's grave on Valentine's Day.

Grieving the loss of a life gone too soon is never easy. When her sister, Abby, lost her husband, Laura honored his memory in a unique way that had Abby in tears. They were in a hospital, and Laura just had a baby. The new aunt was holding the baby and reading from a card with his name. As she read the baby’s middle name, she began crying.


I’ve had thousands of comments asking for the unedited version so here it is 💙 My sisters reaction when I revealed my baby sons name. We gave him the middle name “Ewen” named after her late husband, my amazing brother in law, who we tragically lost 💙💫 #name #namereveal #baby #newborn @Hoff FC @Abby Lever

♬ original sound – Laura 💫

“Ewen” is not a common name. There was no mistaking the intent behind giving her baby that as a middle name. This sister was honoring her deceased brother-in-law. These sisters are close. Abby was with Laura and her partner for 22 hours of labor. Abby and the new dad had a party that kept Laura distracted and entertained. Their antics were hilarious.


Your sign to have a second birth partner…. I had my sister and I will be forever grateful. From the precious, intimate moments to the fun and laughter we all had had 💙 #positivebirth #positivebirthstory #birthpartner #labouranddelivery #fyp

♬ original sound – Shelby Willis

You might recognize both of these sisters. They are social influencers on TikTok, sharing their lives as mothers, wives, and sisters. Laura can be found at lifewith_laura_x, while Abby can be found at abbylever5. The sisters share family and fun times while raising their children. After losing her husband, Abby works hard to keep going as a single mom.

Why Her Nephew’s Middle Name Means So Much To Abby

Until recently, few details about Abby’s husband were available. On April 17, 2024, she shared the story on her Instagram page. Now 33, Abby was widowed on December 9, 2020, when her husband, Ewen, died in a fatal crash. Since then, she has been raising their two daughters, Ayla and Poppy, on her own.

Image shows Ewen and Abby Lever with their two daughters standing on a railway track. Abby's sister her her baby son the middle name of Ewen to honor his memory.
Image from Instagram.

In telling her story, Abby is working through being a widow at a young age. Abby and Ewen met when they were 14. They grew up, fell in love, bought a house together at 21, and married at 25. Ayla came along when the couple was 26, and Poppy was born in 2020. They bought their second “dream home,” preparing to live their dream together. They had spent more than half their lives together. Neither knew how short their remaining time would be.

By giving her baby the middle name Ewen, Laura honors Abby’s husband in a special way. Seeing Abby cry as she reads the name powerfully affirms that true love never dies. Please share this if you enjoyed the story.

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