Teacher’s Encouraging Words To Depressed Student Truly Made A Mark — Permanently!

A student shows off her new tattoo to her teacher.

When this Texas teacher wrote a note to a struggling student, he wasn’t expecting her to get his words tattooed on her arm! Like many teenagers, Hannah Long was having a difficult time in high school. She was dealing with depression as well as issues at home. Her teacher, Mr. Stephens, supported her through the rough patch. In fact, he wrote her a note that inspired her so much, she wanted to keep it forever!

A heartwarming video shows the moment that Hannah presented the tattooed note on her arm to her teacher. It said, in his original handwriting, “Be fearless in life.” Mr. Stephens was overwhelmed with emotion when he saw the impact his words had made on his student.

“That’s going to make me cry!” the teacher said, holding back tears.

He also joked, “If I had known you were going to get this tattooed on your body, I would have written it in perfect handwriting.”

However, we’re guessing that the neatness of the penmanship on her tattoo wasn’t as important to Hannah as the content of her teacher’s note. According to Fox News, the young woman told Storyful that Mr. Stephens helped her a lot.

A student shows off her new tattoo to her teacher.
Screengrab from YouTube

“He is the teacher who pulled me out of my depression and was there for me when I was living in a broken household,” she said.

As a teacher, it must have been incredibly meaningful to Mr. Stephens that Hannah loved his note so much, she made it into a tattoo. We hope his words continue to inspire this student!

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