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“This Is Shaq. I’m With Your Son,” Shaquille O’Neal Makes Special Video For Fan’s Mom

Shaq talks as he gives a message to a fan's mom

Shaquille O’Neal first made a name for himself as a legendary basketball player. In more recent years, however, he’s become known for so much more than that. In addition to his other career endeavors, he’s become known to be one of the most generous celebrities around. Whether he’s helping the victim of a school shooting or buying a teen some much-needed shoes, you never know what Shaq will do next.

Recently, Shaq was at the 2024 Adobe Summit Bash. Here, he showed off his skills as a DJ. This is how he met a fan named Hayden Butler. In November 2023, the young man’s mom was diagnosed with a very rare cancer, and it was rapidly progressing. Because she’s a fan of Shaq, but wasn’t at the event herself, Hayden asked if he’d say a few words for her. As you can imagine, he was happy to say “yes!”

Close up of Shaq talking to a camera for Hayden Butler's mom. Text on the image reads:

This is the kinda guy @shaq is

“Hey Anna, this is Shaq. I’m with your son,” the basketball legend says in the video. “We know you’re going through some things right now. Make sure you never give up. Make sure you listen to your doctors. Take that medicine and drink that water. We love you, mama. We need you. Don’t give up.”

Now that the video spread online, fans from all around the world are once again reminded of why they love Shaq so much.

Shaq Surprises Fan’s Ill Mom With the Sweetest Video

“YES!!! Shaq knows best!!” one fan writes in the comments.

“No way man, this is so awesome,” another says. “What a guy.”

Most importantly, though, is Anna’s reaction to this sweet surprise. While going through such a difficult time in her life, it’s clear that a kind gesture like this means the world to her.

“I love you, Brayden,” Anna writes. “You are always thinking about your mama.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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