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Here’s Your Sign: Jogger Changes Lives With A Simple Addition To His Morning Routine.

If you’ve ever needed a sign to let you know you’re on the right path, Ben Lyne of Eagle Mountain, Utah, is here for you.

Last February, Ben decided to spice things up on his morning runs. He’s been jogging for years, and as he trudges along he often sees the faces of people passing by in cars. Noticing how miserable many commuters looked as they drove to work, he decided to carry a sign that simply says, “I believe in you.”

“The thought was to bring a sign with me with an encouraging message to help motivate people on their way to work or school,” Ben wrote on Facebook. “I’m convinced we all have something divine within and sharing words of encouragement bring it out of us and help others see it in themselves.”

Ben admitted that this sort of thing is “out of character and a little intimidating,” but he pushed through his fears and carried the sign every day regardless.

At first, he wasn’t sure anyone noticed. Then, messages started appearing on Eagle Mountain’s community Facebook page. People were noticing, and appreciating, his encouragement.

“When I first saw Ben holding up his sign, I was driving to the University of Utah Neurosciences Center,” said area resident Jordan Smith. “I have a long history of health issues from brain cancer, epilepsy, multiple brain surgeries, and so on. That day I saw Ben holding his sign up was just what I needed to get through my appointment. It helped me calm my nerves and believe that everything would be OK.”

Ben says that running with a sign isn’t always easy, but seeing the impact it’s having on others makes it worthwhile. In fact, one man who spotted the sign while driving stopped to tell Ben the sign had saved his life.

“I had a guy just last Saturday near Macey’s in Lehi pull around and stop to talk to me,” said Ben. “He said he was thinking about ending his life, and saw me out of the blue and snapped himself out of it. He was really emotional. The whole rest of the run, I was overcome by that.”

Ben now brings the sign with him everywhere he goes, even when he went on vacation overseas. He hopes to spread his message of love and encouragement everywhere he goes!

Ben’s simple message of acceptance is changing lives, one run at a time! We hope his sign finds the people who need it most.

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