Teacher Receives Adorable “Not A Scarf” Gift When She Teaches Students How To Crochet.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a handwritten note attached to a string of yarn, though we can't see the finished product. The not reads: Sorry it is not a scarf. I didn't have enough yarn. Love, Grace. The second photo shows a close up of a young woman covering her mouth, her eyes wider with shock.

There’s nothing like seeing the impact a teacher has on their students. Recently, one teacher saw this in an unexpected gift. As told by her daughter on TikTok, this teacher has been offering crochet lessons for students who are interested. In doing so, she inspired one little girl in particular, Grace, to make something for her during the Christmas season: a scarf. Adorable, right?

Unfortunately, though, Grace ran out of yarn. Even still, nothing could stop her from finishing what she set out to do. So, instead, she worked with what she had — and the results are absolutely precious.


she taught some kids in her class how to crochet 🥹🥹

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As you can see in the above video, Grace didn’t have a lot to work with. And yet, it’s so clear how much love and time went into creating this “not a scarf” for her beloved teacher. Best of all, though, has to be the note attached.

“Sorry it is not a scarf,” the little girl writes. “I didn’t have enough yarn. Love, Grace.”

Teacher’s Unexpected “Scarf” Gift Starts Ripple Effect of Kindness

When the teacher’s daughter shares this sweet gift on TikTok, it goes viral! Folks from all over offer to send little Grace some yarn.

A teacher holds up a large, clear bag full of 20 skeins of color yarn, showing them off to her class.

To make that possible, an Amazon Wishlist was created, allowing anyone who wanted to gift this teacher with yarn and other crocheting items. This way, not only would Grace get more material, but so would the rest of the teacher’s crochet club!

In no time, all sorts of colorful yarn arrived, inspiring this teacher and her daughter to make an update video. In it, she shares with her class the story of Grace’s heartwarming gift that led to their own — something she got permission to do from both Grace and her mom.

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As soon as the teacher starts to show off the cool stuff people bought them, the classroom fills with “ooohs” and “aahhh” over the exciting surprise! I can only imagine what a lasting impact this will have on them all.

Now, Grace’s mom, along with some other folks, will be joining the class for a crochet lesson. With all the cool supplies they have, it’s sure to be a blast!

“Thank you to everyone who sent yarn to my Mom’s class!” her daughter says.

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