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“Kachow!” Grown Man Turns Into A Child Again When He Opens Wife’s Surprise Gift.

surprise gift

Who says adults have to “grow up”? We should all stay kids at heart, and this guy proved how true that is when his wife gave him a surprise gift that he’d been wanting for years.

Kacey Bloomfield’s husband has a love of the movie Cars. So when Crocs came out with a Lightning McQueen-style shoe, he really wanted a pair. But, the company only seemed to make them in youth sizes. Kacey’s husband was out of luck.

Being the loving wife she is, Kacey regularly searched for a pair of the Crocs in his size, and she eventually found them. When she did, she immediately ordered them and decided to wait until they showed up to let him know.


Pure child-like excitement! Hahahah #lighteningmcqueen @Crocs @Disney

♬ original sound – Kacey Bloomfield

Kacey recorded the reveal and posted it on her TikTok page. The video shows her husband completely unaware of what is happening as she hands him the surprise gift. He opens the box and is so surprised and excited that he almost jumps out of his body.

“Get the heck out of here!!” he yells. “Wait, FOR REAL? FOR REAL? NO WAY.”

Husband sees his surprise.

Her husband quickly tries on the Crocs.

“Kachow!” he yells when he finds that they fit like a glove.

When he starts to walk, he realizes there’s more to the surprise.

“They light up? They light up!” he says as he smacks the bottom of the shoes and runs around the house.

Lightning McQueen Crocs Kachow

The video didn’t cut out untli her husband gave one last “Kachow” and jump.

We all wish we could get half as excited about something as Kacey’s husband got over his Lightning McQueen Crocs.

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