Teacher Charges Students “Rent” To Teach Them Valuable Financial Lesson.

A teacher charges her students rent to give them financial lessons.

What kind of teacher charges her students rent to use their own classroom? Answer: the kind who wants them to learn how to spend and save money responsibly. Third grade math teacher Shelby Lattimore, known on TikTok as Ms. L, is going viral on social media for her interactive financial lessons. Using fake money, she gives her students opportunities to earn “Miss Lattimore Bucks” by doing jobs in the classroom.


“We have a teacher assistant, line leader, door holder, recess basket, lunch basket,” Shelby explained to NBC News. “We have a cleanup crew.”


Hard Life Lessons in 3rd Grade, my students had to pay rent for the first time! Year Two of collecting classroom rent and it is still the best feeling ever! #rent #money #teacher

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As students get “paid” for their classroom responsibilities, they can use their earnings to buy special privileges. Some of these are pretty cheap, like candy for $2 or lunch with their teacher for $7. However, there are also more expensive items they can save up for, such as “being teacher for a day.” This costs $30!

Shelby’s third graders have to be aware of recurring expenses when deciding what to do with their money. After all, their teacher charges her students rent to sit at their desks each day. Although it doesn’t cost much, children can find themselves struggling if they’re not careful!

By charging her students rent, this teacher is giving them important financial lessons.

As Shelby teaches her kids about paying rent, she also has the opportunity to explain additional concepts, such as late fees. In one adorable video of her collecting money from her students, she reminds them that failure to pay rent will result in a fine of $1.

A teacher charges her students rent to give them financial lessons.
Screengrab from TikTok

“Watching my students now become appreciative of possibly what their guardians are going through, of course in a safer environment, just kind of gives them that responsibility to then move forward as they become adults,” Shelby explained to NBC News.

Some parents have noticed a significant improvement in the way their kids think about money thanks to this teacher charging her students rent. Mom Brittany Sales reported that her daughter, Marlii, has learned how to save up her money for the things she wants. Previously, the third grader “just thought it grew on trees and she could spend it.”

Kudos to this teacher for showing her kids how to save and spend money responsibly by charging them rent. What a creative way to deliver financial lessons!

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