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When Little Kid Loses Their T-Rex, Domino’s Employees Go Above And Beyond To Make The Experience Unforgettable.

A plastic dino answers the phone at Domino's.

Leaving their child’s favorite toy behind someplace is every parent’s nightmare, but Domino’s made sure one family’s forgotten T-Rex was none the worse for the mishap. In fact, according to a TikTok video, it looks like the plastic toy had the time of his life! Distraught parents called up a Domino’s in New Zealand to find out if they’d accidentally left their kid’s beloved dino toy, “Bitey,” behind while picking up dinner. Since it was already too late for them to retrieve the toy, employees reassured Bitey’s family that they’d take care of him until the next day.

However, it turns out that Domino’s didn’t just keep an eye on the T-Rex — they also put him to work for the evening! They took a series of hilarious photos showing Bitey’s shift at the restaurant. Apparently, the plastic reptile cooked up some delicious pizzes, washed dishes, and even answered the phone! Of course, Domino’s had to give the little dino his own official nametag, as well.

A plastic T-Rex standing behind their Domino's name tag.
Screengrab from TikTok

Commenters loved seeing the T-Rex’s first shift at Domino’s.

“This is so wholesome my heart is bursting,” wrote one user.

A plastic dino answers the phone at Domino's.
Screengrab from TikTok

It was so sweet of these restaurant employees to let Bitey help out! Most children don’t think of their toys as objects, but as their best buddies. It can be really distressing when they get lost! Now, the T-rex’s owner can rest assured that their favorite dino was neither scared nor alone spending the night at Domino’s.

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