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Teacher Shares Silly Lesson With Her Students On The Importance Of Detail.

woman with hand in peanut butter

Teaching little ones about the importance of detail can feel like an uphill battle. Kiddos are bold and incredible, but their sense of nuance is iconically lacking. This teacher came up with a creative and hilarious way to drive home the point that details make a difference.

She decided to do a demonstration around building a PB & J. Something we all know and love, of course! However, her instructions were lacking in detail and she followed them literally.

From missing out on how many pieces of bread were necessary, to lacking an explanation of how to apply the peanut butter and the jelly, these instructions were missing some key pieces of info.

This teacher decided to play up the chaos to make her point known. The importance of details are clear in her demonstration!

She picked four slices of bread instead of two.

woman holding PBJ to teach the importance of detail
This image is from TikTok.

Instead of using a knife, she scooped the peanut butter and jelly with her hand. This made the kiddos scream with horror!

Finally, she stacked all the slices right on top of one another with PB & J revealed on the top. Frankly, this sandwich doesn’t look so good.

Her lesson on the importance of detail is sure to be memorable! In fact, viewers remembered their own teacher’s PB & J demonstrations.

“The way my professor did this to us IN LAW SCHOOL,” commented one fan.

What a hilarious way to make a point. Thank you, teachers, for always inspiring us with creativity!

The featured image is from TikTok.

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