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Taylor Swift Fan And Professional Astronaut Shares Friendship Bracelets She Took To Space

A two-photo collage. The first shows Kellie holding up a framed friendship bracelet that reads: astronaut era. Text on the image reads: My personal favorite. The second image shows Kellie concentrating as she works on a spacecraft. Her stack of friendship bracelets can be seen on her wrist.

Kellie Gerardi is in her astronaut era. In November 2023, this researcher and science communicator ventured onto the Galactic 05. Here, her website says she conducted some important healthcare and thermodynamic fluid experiments. Reaching this point couldn’t have been easy, and it’s clear that this talented woman is proud of all that she’s accomplished — as she should! In addition to being a proud astronaut, Kellie is also a proud Taylor Swift fan.

That’s why, when given the incredible opportunity to go to space, she found a way to honor her love for the global superstar — with friendship bracelets, of course! In case you aren’t aware, friendship bracelets have become quite a big deal in the Swiftie world. It all started with a reference to them in Swift’s song You’re on Your Own, Kid from her album Midnights.

Taylor Swift fan Kellie concentrates as she works on a spacecraft. Her stack of friendship bracelets can be seen on her wrist.

Text on the image reads: Doing science in space with a wrist full of friendship bracelets is very "what, like it's hard?" coded

Thanks to this reference, you’ll often find fans at her Eras Tour concerts wearing a whole stack of bracelets. That’s because, in addition to donning the accessories, fans will also trade them with each other. How adorable is that?

Astronaut’s Love of Taylor Swift Inspires Her to Wear Friendship Bracelets in Space

Kellie holds up a framed Taylor Swift style friendship bracelet that reads: astronaut era

Text on the image: starting out with a classic astronaut era. my personal favorite

Although Kellie initially missed the Eras Tour while training for space, she still made her own friendship bracelets. In fact, she and her friends traded with each other after she returned home. Best of all, Kellie was able to wear her bracelets while in space!

View of a set of three bracelets that each read "release"

Text on the image: This set is also my favorite - "Release, Release, Release!" are the calls from the cockpit right when the spacecraft drops from the mothership before the rocket motor fires

Now, Kellie keeps them in the cutest little frames so she can cherish them forever. Each bracelet carries a different word or message, and she couldn’t be happier to have them seen in her official astronaut portrait.

Taylor Swift fan Kellie smiles for her astronaut portrait, a hallway lit up in purple behind her. Friendship bracelets are on her wrist which is highlighted by her arms crossed across her torso.

Text on the image: I missed the Eras Tour while training for space... But I was there in spirit! It brought me joy to have a wrist full of friendship bracelets in my official astronaut portrait!

But that’s not where Kellie’s exciting news ends. Now that she’s back on Earth, she’s been able to nab tickets to Swift’s October show in Miami! After becoming one of the first 100 women in space, she has a new goal…

“And my goal is to get a space-flown friendship bracelet to Taylor,” Kellie shares.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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