Friends Make Good On 13-Year Promise They’ll “Be At Each Other’s Launches” To Space.

Two astronauts posing in their uniforms.

Astronauts Kellie Gerardi and Sirisha Bandla have a friendship that’s literally out of this world! In 2012, both of these women were aiming for careers in space travel. To encourage each other, they made a solemn promise: they’d both be there to witness one another’s first launches! In a beautiful TikTok post, Kellie shared the story of how they helped each other reach for the stars.

Commenters loved seeing these sweet best friends supporting each other’s career goals. Many noted that Kellie Gerardi and Sirisha Bandla are excellent role models for young girls! Here’s the story of how they went from astronaut hopefuls to watching each other travel to space.

It started with a big dream.

Kellie Gerardi and Sirisha Bandla dream of becoming astronauts.
Screengrab from TikTok

Kellie Gerardi and Sirisha Bandla made a pact in 2012 to pursue their career goals, no matter what. It wouldn’t be an easy road, but at least they knew they could rely on each other.

Nine years later, Sirisha Bandla was ready for liftoff!

Sirisha Bandla dressed in uniform after becoming an astronaut.
Screengrab from TikTok

In less than a decade, Sirisha’s hard work payed off. She was finally going to travel into space for the first time!

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