A Bully Called Her Ugly, But This 4-Yr-Old’s Reply Is Perfect!

Remember the little boy whose impromptu, mid-basketball-game motivational speech went viral? How about the 10-year-old who was bullied for his “uncool” shoes. “It’s not about what I have on my feet,” he told the camera, “it’s about what I have inside my head.” His mini-lecture on materialism gave us some incredible perspective. Now a 4-tear-old girl named Tatiana is joining their ranks.


In the video below, Tatiana isn’t giving a motivational speech– she’s just sharing her response to a playground bully– but, like in the case of the two aforementioned boys, her wisdom is well beyond her years.

The sweet moment below came after a classmate called Tatiana “ugly.” You can tell from the way she tells that part of the story to Mom that the comment really hurt her; she has a hard time saying the word “ugly,” her voice lowers and her speech slows. It’s heartbreaking to see how this one word made such an impact on this precious little girl.

But the heartbreak doesn’t last long… and neither does Tatiana’s frown. When Mom asked how she responded to the bully, Tatiana has the greatest reply: “I didn’t come here to make fashion statement. I can here to learn, not look pretty!”

Check out the video below and share this little girl’s wisdom and positivity today.


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