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Take A Meowment And Laugh With These 15 Hiss-terical Cat Memes.

A two-photo collage. The first is of a small black cat is edited to be standing and holding a guitar. The look on the cat's face is serious. The second photo is of two cats, both white with grey spots on their ears/face, look up in shock. One has their mouth wide open. Both are sitting in a chair. Text on photo: Cats' reaction to seeing the ceiling fan move for the first time...

Pro-cats-inating work with a little break? We won’t judge. In fact, we’re here to offer the purrfect way to relax for a minute. That’s right, with some of the best cat memes you can find online!

Seriously, there’s just something about a good ole cat meme that never gets old. So, without further ado, sit back and enjoy the chaos that is our adorable feline friends.

1. “You’ve got to be kitten me!”

2. A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do!

3. Did someone say… put the song on an infinite loop?

4. All cats are magical, but this one seems extra special.

5. This cat understood the assignment.

6. What are her plans, exactly? Either way, we should definitely hear her out.

7. Give this cute kitty what they need ASAP!

8. Sometimes humans take things a little too far.

9. Nothing can get in the way of a determined cat’s path of destruction!

10. What can he say? He’s a people person.

11. Mind. Blown.

12. We’d go anywhere that little guy takes us.

13. It’s a crime, really.

14. New goal: become half as cool as this cat.

15. These cats have places to go (where they can lay down), people to meet (so they can demand food), and things to do (more laying around).

See what we mean about feline better after a few cat memes? Now, use the strength these hilarious cats have temporarily bestowed upon you to conquer the rest of your day! Or however long it takes for you to need more cat-related content. Don’t worry, we have plenty more.

Share this hiss-sterical list with a cat lover who could use a pick-me-up.

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