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15 Gainfully Employed Cats Who Work Hard For Their Kibble

cat helping to fix flat tire and doling out psychiatric advice

These days, everyone in the average household must pull their own weight. That goes for our pets, too!

An account on Twitter is gathering photos of cats that look like they’re doing human jobs, and each image is a total vibe. From cats wearing costumes to cats posed to look like they’re interacting with customers, there’s something for everyone. Perhaps that’s why the page already has 1.1 million followers, and counting!

1. Don’t let those fuzzy toes fool you! He’s a stickler when it comes to getting the shot just right!

2. Meet Truffles, who rocks a pair of glasses in order to look smarter (and more welcoming) at the office.

3. He must be on a break….

4. Well, pets do help with our mental health. We’ll allow it.

5. He’s not very vocal on the CB radio, but otherwise he’s great at his job.

6. The financial trends aren’t looking too hot. Might need to cut back on the catnip budget soon.

7. He’s always willing to lend a helping paw.

8. What’s better than one shop cat? How about three… or four?

9. As long as she doesn’t start snacking and cutting into the profits, it’s all good.

10. We certainly wouldn’t tangle with this security guard!

11. DJ Kitty Cat and the Furmongers, at your service.

12. No matter what this tiny salesman is selling, we’re buying it!

13. Japanese station masters take their jobs (and their naps!) seriously.

15. He’s not our first choice for a spotter, but he’ll do.

These employed kitties clearly have what it takes to move up the corporate ladder. In fact, they’re putting our work ethic to shame!

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