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Cops “Arrest” Turtley Hardened Criminal For Refusing To Budge From Bank Parking Lot.

A turtle arrested at the bank takes a ride in a police car.

Patrons of a Kentucky bank reported an ornery trespasser who wouldn’t leave the premises. Thankfully, police arrived in time to apprehend the shady character: a turtle! The rogue reptile had taken up residence in the parking lot of the Edmonton State Bank in Glasgow, prompting onlookers to call in the authorities. According to UPI, an officer from the Glasgow Police Department placed the perpetrator in custody. Next, he released the animal into a more hospitable location.

A police officer holds a turtle by the tail in a Kentucky bank parking lot.
Glasgow Police Department/Facebook

Officer Bragg took a photo with the turtle in the parking lot, then moved them to his car. In the image, the police officer is holding the four-legged suspect by the tail. He also took a snapshot of the critter looking out the window, seemingly enjoying the ride. In a third and final photo, the turtle can be seen happily wading through the mud on their way to a body of water. The Glasgow Police Department uploaded the humorous photo series to Facebook.

An apprehended turtle looks out the window of a police car.
Glasgow Police Department/Facebook

In the caption, the department wrote: “Officer Bragg received an unusual call involving a turtle in the parking lot of Edmonton State Bank. He was able to get it in his cruiser where it was able to climb up and look out if his window, he was able to release it in a safe location without any injury.”

A turtle is relocated to a body of water in Kentucky.
Glasgow Police Department/Facebook

Many commenters congratulated the police department on their animal rescue.

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