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16 Skaters Line Up — Start Jaw-Dropping Synchronized Routine That Makes Crowd Go Wild.

synchronized skating

Let’s face it; for most of us, when we’re standing in an ice rink, it’s all we can do just to stay upright. That’s what makes ice skaters so incredible to watch.

While one individual ice skater is mesmerizing, it’s always even more breathtaking watching a pair of skaters dance on the ice in perfect unison. It takes years of training and countless hours of practice to get to the professional level of skating, and every performance brings with it the potential to fall and end your career. It’s a dangerous, exhilarating sport if ever there was one.

Now, instead of one or two ice skaters, imagine how difficult it must be to choreograph and perform an ice dancing routine with 16 skaters.


The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships (WSSC) are the world championships for the sport of synchronized skating. Every year, groups of skaters take the ice to put on a captivating ice dancing routine that could win them the coveted WSSC championship title.

In 2015, the WSSCs were held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and the home team really blew everyone away with their exciting and perfectly executed routine.


Dancing to “Proud Mary” by Ike and Tina Turner, 16 Canadian skaters flowed together as fluidly as water. Not one competitor put a single toepick out of line.

They glided easily, all while getting the audience revved up to the classic Tina Turner hit.


Even when the skaters are going backward and it seems like they’re about to crash into one other, they pass each other with grace and style. They’re truly beautiful to behold. We simply can’t get over how well they move together as one.


The Canadian team did so well that they actually won the championship title that year! Congratulations, you earned it, ladies!

Watch their incredible routine below, and be sure to share it with an ice skating fan you know.

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