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Jumbotron Follows Enthusiastic Fan’s Hilarious Dance-Off With Himself.

jumbotron dance off

Sometimes, watching the jumbotron at a sporting event can be the highlight of the entire game.

You can witness cute, awkward, and downright funny smooches on the kiss cam, or see just how much team spirit members of the audience are bringing to the stadium. But, if you’re especially lucky, you can see someone absolutely dance their heart out like no one is watching… even though thousands of people likely are.


That’s what happened at one particular Boston Celtics basketball game.

A young man became so enthusiastic when he heard Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”come on that he simply couldn’t contain himself from totally rocking out.

At first, it looks like a regular jumbotron feed, panning around the arena featuring fans dressed up in green outfits smiling and waving.


But then, the camera lands on a guy who starts to get really into the music.

Going from zero to 60 in seconds, soon, he’s executing the most insanely awesome dance ever.

He starts with a little air guitar and shuffling in his row. When people around him realize he’s on the jumbotron, they begin to cheer him on and wave to the camera themselves.


The young man does not seem phased by the attention he’s getting. Rather, he seems to feed off of it!

He uses handrails to lean back as he kicks his feet into the air and begins to slink down the main aisle between seats, lip syncing directly to people.


He hugs and kisses his fans, never for a second breaking character.


His moves are truly something you need to see for yourself.

Watch the video below and share if it’s the best jumbotron performance you’ve ever seen, too.

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