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Woman Believes All Dads Share One Instinctive Superpower—And Science Says She’s Not Wrong!

dads superpower

This woman realized that her dad has a mind-blowing superpower that all men seem to inherit the day they become fathers, and people can’t help but laugh at how spot-on she is.

Megan Flint posted a video on her TikTok page that calls out dads for having some sort of GPS wired into their brains. She came upon this realization as she was taking a road trip with her family, and her dad instinctively knew where he was going.

“Literally how do dads know the way to everywhere?” she asked in the caption. “We’re on a five-and-a-half-hour car journey and not once has maps come out.”

We agree with her observation. Our own dads always know where they’re going, and they know all the quick back road routes, too. Our dads also know which direction they’re facing at all times, which is definitely a superpower in our eyes.

The over 7 million people who watched her video also agree. Dads are modern-day Magellans who could navigate to the ends of the Earth without the help of technology.

“My dad has memorized the whole country,” one commenter admitted.

“They go somewhere once and remember the way 20 years later😭,” someone astutely mentioned.

“Legit yesterday my dad drove 8 hours from our house to San Diego. And the only time he used maps was to find food (on the boardwalk),” shared a proud child.

This dad superpower isn’t all in our heads either. Science actually backs it up. According to a study published in the Royal Society Open Science journal, per ABC News, men in general have an innate sense of direction. However, the skill appears to come from differences in upbringing and has nothing to do with evolutionary advantages as previously believed.

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