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Swans Do Cutest “Happy Dance” When Reunited After An Injury Separated Them

Two swans hold their wings up high as they stand near each other.

Ann Brokelman has assisted in the release of over 500 animals. Still, none have been quite as special as when Mango and Charlotte, two swans, reunited. Typically, these feathered creatures are known to be monogamous for life. This is true of this bird couple who have been mating for years now. But an injury threatened to put an end to their sweet relationship. It started when Mango somehow cut his beak. The Toronto Wildlife Centre swooped in to help.

Tests were run and X-rays were taken to ensure his lead levels were low and that no metal objects had gotten into his body. Meanwhile, Charlotte searched for her love. But with mating season just starting, she wouldn’t wait for Mango long before she’d move on to someone new… luckily, he returned just in time! Best of all, their sweet reactions to seeing one another is amazing!

@torontostar Two swans, Mango and Charlotte, were reunited after Mango had suffered a cut on his beak and was taken in by the Toronto Wildlife Centre. Check out the full story at thestar.com #swans #toronto #wildlife #truelove #birds ♬ original sound – Toronto Star

Also known as trumpeter swans, Mango and Charlotte can’t stop making happy noises as soon as they spot one another. Next, they do some adorable “happy dances” that they don’t do for just anyone at any time.

Swans Exhibit Heartwarming Behavior When Reunited After an Injury

“They exhibit that behavior when they have chased off an intruder and they get back together,” Ann explains. “It’s a body language that they do with their exclusive mate, so they don’t do that body language with any other bird … Interpret that as a bonding behavior.”

This heartwarming dance continues for a whole 10 minutes. From there, the swan couple heads back to the nearby water. Here, they continue “talking” as they preen each other’s feathers. How precious!

“It was one of those magical moments that I’ll never forget,” Ann says. “Just beautiful.”

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