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Tampa Bay Rays Surprise Senior Golden Retriever With His Very Own Jersey On Game Day

Left image shows Rafi the golden retriever in his Tampa Bay Rays baseball cap. Right image shows Rafi and his mom in his new #13 jersey watching the game.

Major League Baseball season is upon us, and with it will come what is known as “Dog Day” at many stadiums. Dog day is when people can bring their baseball-loving family pets to the ballpark to enjoy a game. For Makenzie and her golden retriever Rafi, “Dog Day at the Rays” has been a go-to event for several years. Unfortunately, they were already sold out when she went to get tickets. Mackenzie is a TikTok influencer, and Rafi is 13 years old. Afraid this might be his last game, she took to TikTok and made a special video just for the Tampa Bay Rays.


@TAMPA BAY RAYS if you happen to have a ticket for my sweet 13 year old golden & i for this sunday!! ⚾️🤞🏻🥹🥹 shooting out shot!

♬ original sound – makenziecann

The response from her fans was predictable, with many folks urging the Rays to “hook a girl up.” The Dallas Stars, a hockey team, even added a nudge. There was an extraordinary response from the Tampa Bay Rays. Imagine Makenzie’s surprise when this hit her feed:

Image shows a TikTok comment from the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team that says, "hey Makenzie, message received - check your DMs."
Image from TikTok.

So, when Makenzie slid into her DMs, she found the surprise of all surprises. She and her golden retriever were going to the game! But they weren’t just going to the game. Rafi got VIP treatment and his own Tampa Bay Rays jersey with the number “13” and his name! The team sent representatives to the stands to help Rafi dress appropriately for this special day.


@TAMPA BAY RAYS with the surprise custom jersey. 🥹🩵 #13 might be my new favorite.

♬ wildest dreams stolen version harmonies TS stems – andreaaashop

Rafi watched intently while enjoying a “Ballpark Hotdog” stuffed toy during the game. He certainly looks dashing in his custom pup cap and his new jersey!

Left image shows Rafi, the golden retriever, enjoying a stuffed Ballpark Hotdog. Right image shows Rafi looking adorable in a ball cap and jersey.
Image from TikTok.

Honoring An Aging Golden Retriever Might Not Seem Like Much

This is community relations at its best. When a major league baseball team takes the time to make one fan and her pooch happy, you know they’re doing something right! The team’s response to Makenzie’s plea was extraordinary, creating a memory that will last a long time. Tampa Bay has a reputation for community involvement; this outpouring of love for Rafi, the golden retriever, and his mom exemplifies that commitment. This is why baseball is America’s favorite pastime.

If you enjoyed this wonderful “tail” of “Dog Day at the Rays,” please share it with other animal lovers and baseball fans. I might have to cheer for the Rays this year, at least when they aren’t playing against my Tigers.

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