Struggling Mom Faces Eviction, Then Learns 9-Year-Old Daughter’s Secret Letter Paid The Rent.

If there’s one thing a single parent cares more about than making rent or buying groceries, it’s the future and wellbeing of their children. Natalie Koltes and her daughter Ariel were living in an apartment complex when one missed rent payment landed them in a world of trouble.

Young Ariel first knew they were in trouble when Natalie would pack all of their belongings, unpack, then repack them again. In an effort to save her family, Ariel wrote to the Fox5 Surprise Squad of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to see if they could help.


In her letter, Ariel detailed the full extent of their unsettled situation and the toll it had taken on their lives. Ariel feared they would soon be thrown out on the streets with nowhere to go.


Ariel and Natalie were living on a prayer, until the Surprise Squad came calling at their front door. The moments that followed were absolutely beautiful.

Check out what the surprise squad did for this beautiful family in the video below!

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