‘It’s okay not to be okay,’ Single Mom’s Brutally Honest Post About Struggles Of Parenthood.

26-yr-old Amy-Lee Mangold is a single mother living on the Gold Coast of Australia. She recently took to Facebook after a particularly difficult day with her 19-month-old son Theo, to vent her frustrations. Amy’s words have gone viral for all the right reasons.

After reading her note, mothers from all over the world began commenting and direct messaging Amy with words of understanding and encouragement, but also with cries for help. Overwhelmed moms, single or otherwise, in Amy’s position flocked to her page to find comfort in her words… and the reason is all too clear.

Check out Amy’s incredible message in the post below.


“It’s OK to not be OK. Today I had a break down.

Being a single mum is tough. Being a single mum to a 19 month old that doesn’t want to sleep is even tougher.

I have next to no support around me. I have my son full time, his dad has nothing to do with us.


Today after I settled my son from his tantrums and popped him in front of the tv, I went to my room and cried.

Oh I cried so much. This isn’t the mum I want to be. I want to be full of smiles and happy all the time, but life has got on top of me.


Normally I don’t tell anyone when I’m struggling this much. But today I did and it made a difference to express how I felt.


Remember to not bottle up how you feel. Talk to someone. Anyone. Message me if you need to.

I live on the Gold Coast so if there is any mummies on the Gold Coast that are doing it tough, let me know and we can catch up and talk and laugh or cry!!


Just remember it is OK to not be OK, being a mummy is tough work.

Here’s to all of you hard working moms out there. No one ever said that life would be easy, but through all the trials and tribulations life proves to be good.

Share Amy’s amazing perspective with your friends today! It’s something we all need to hear.

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