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Struggling Street Vendor Offers Hungry Stranger Free Food & It Ends Up Changing Her Life

A woman sweeps on the side of a street. Text on the image reads: I saw this lady selling rice on the street...

Isaiah Garza is no stranger to helping others. After he was homeless for a period of time, he became inspired to find ways to help others in both big and small ways. In the past, this has included surprising a server with a large tip and treating a 100-year-old veteran to a Disneyland trip. But the way he’s changing the lives of a family in Bali is somehow even more incredible. He first takes note of them while on a trip. It seems they were selling food on the street. When Isaiah asks if he can still have food despite having no money, these struggling street vendors show him kindness.

In addition to some free rice, the woman named Iluh makes him a whole plate of food. Best of all, she insists that he come back every day so he can be fed. Overwhelmed by how kind they’re being to him, Isaiah offers them $500 — that is life-changing money for them in Bali. This shows in the emotional way that Iluh responds. You can watch her tear-jerking reaction in the video below.

@isaiahgarza I saw this street vendor & her family selling rice on the street…then THIS HAPPENED 🥹❤️ I later found out they are going through some really hard times. There's no greater gift than to give back & help others. #isaiahgarza #streetvendors #kindness #wholesome #longervideos #fyp ♬ original sound – Isaiah Garza

As you can see from this video, Illuh and her husband work so hard just to stay afloat. But not even working from 9 a.m. to midnight is enough for them to have their own home with their own beds. That’s why Isaiah is raising awareness of the family’s needs. In fact, he’s utilizing The Isaiah Garza Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to families just like this, to help them.

For this family, the goal is to open up their very own laundry shop where they won’t be required to work every single day, something they’ve been doing for the last three to four years. Plus, they also want to buy their own home while also having some extra money in their pockets. Sounds difficult, right?

After Street Vendors Show Kindness to a Stranger, He Changes Their Lives Forever

Well, thanks to the kind hearts of strangers from all around the world, enough money has been raised! According to Isaiah, a location search for their future laundry shop has already begun, and they hope to have it open at the end of June/early July 2024. How incredible is that!?

“We will keep you guys all updated SOON!” Isaiah shares on GoFundMe. “We are going to CHANGE THEIR LIVES ALL THANKS TO YOU GUYS.”

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