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Nobody’s Quite Sure What’s Going On In This Delightfully Chaotic Performance

A man closer to the camera poses oddly while a woman and man perform on a stage behind them. The woman eats a bag of chips next to a mic and a man plays the piano.

The best kind of performances are the ones that leave us speechless. No matter how you feel about the one in the viral video below, there’s no doubt that it leaves most of us unsure of what to say. But that’s not because it’s bad — on the contrary, everything about this video is absolutely delightful. There’s just… a lot going on. Also, there’s not a lot of context. Or any context, really.

That being said, here’s what we do know: At a restaurant in Glasgow, a woman and a man are putting on a performance through song. Both are singing, but the man also plays the piano. There’s something about their song choice and delivery that adds to the unusual atmosphere of the place, but what really makes their performance is the fact that the woman casually eats chips when she’s not singing.

@charmedridge_ #glasgow #glasgowtiktok #wholeofthemoon #waterboys ♬ original sound – Andy

But that’s just what’s going on with the performers on stage. As this duo sing Whole of the Moon, seemingly random guests start to dance. But here’s the thing: This doesn’t really seem like an easy song to dance to so what we get are particularly interesting moves.

At first, only one man dances. Then, someone else joins him. Do they know the singers? Is this part of the performance? We don’t know and, honestly, that makes it all the better.

Chaotic Performance in Glasgow Both Confuses and Delights Folks on Social Media

“I feel like everyone is having a wildly different experience but no one is having a bad time,” someone in the comments says, perfectly describing the performance.

“My ADHD visually explained,” someone else writes while another adds, “This is the inside of my brain?”

“As a professional singer and snack enthusiast, it is now my life’s goal to get paid to combine those two passions,” another commenter admits.

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