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Stray Kitten Interrupts Wedding Ceremony, So Newlyweds Know What They Have To Do.

A couple is distracted by a stray kitten during their wedding.

One couple had an unexpected guest at their outdoor wedding ceremony — an adorable stray kitten! Guests first noticed the little cat while the groom was delivering his vows. When the bride heard people giggling during the solemn moment, she wasn’t sure what was going on. However, she soon realized that a four-legged distraction had wandered into the area!

“My initial instinct was to actually go into the woods and try to pet and save the cat, and leave my wife at the altar,” Matt, the groom, recalled to Good Morning America.

Cara, the bride, added that her guests couldn’t stop talking about the kitten’s surprise appearance at the wedding. This tiny feline certainly stole the show! What the couple didn’t know, though, was that she would also steal their hearts.

A couple is distracted by a stray kitten during their wedding.
Screengrab from YouTube

Matt and Cara’s wedding had been held at the Curry Estate, where people continued to see the kitten after the event was over. Eventually, local humans were able to get close enough to the cat to capture her and send her to a shelter. When the newlyweds found out, they knew they absolutely had to make this little stray a part of their family!

A couple holds their adorable new kitten.
Screengrab from YouTube

Now, Daisy the kitten lives with the couple whose wedding she crashed. She has a brother, named Gatsby, and two very loving pet parents! Cara says that the sweet feline requires constant cuddles. What a beautiful way for this cat-loving couple to start their married life together!

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