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gia and danielle and chris

Dog Wearing Wedding Dress Surprises Newlywed Mom & Dad After Ceremony.

Plenty of couples figure out creative ways to include their four-legged family members in their wedding ceremonies, whether that involves having their faces incorporated in a henna tattoo or having them serve in the wedding party in some capacity.

Of course, including a live animal in the ceremony is always kind of a hit or miss, and Danielle Brien and Christopher Lucca didn’t want to take the risk. When they tied the knot last month, they agreed to leave their beloved boxer Gia in the care of Lori Ann Navarro, a photographer, and owner of a pet boarding facility.

lori navarro

What the bride didn’t know is that Lori and Christopher had hatched a sweet, post-ceremony surprise. We’ll clue you in ahead of time with a little hint:

gia and sign

Danielle had no clue what awaited her as she walked hand in hand with her new husband out of the wedding venue. We’re assuming nothing unexpected and disastrous happened during the ceremony itself, and that Lori was probably breathing a sigh of relief when she saw that everything was going according to plan.

Of course, the bride’s plan didn’t include her little princess bounding toward her moments after she left the church, but that’s just what happened.

surprising lori

As if that wasn’t cute enough, Gia was decked out in her own version of a wedding dress and veil! Look at this happy family!!

gia mom and dad

“I thought it was amazing,” Lori said, adding this was the first time she’d ever had a dog surprise its owner at a wedding, but now she’s thinking of adding it to her list of services.

But the question remains: Did Gia get her own ring, too? Watch Danielle’s emotional reaction when she spots her sweet pooch down below, and share to spread congratulations to this beautiful couple!

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