Stories Terri & Bindi Tell Steve Irwin’s Granddaughter, Grace — “She Calls Him Grandpa Crocodile.”

Terri smiles as she stands next to Bindi Irwin who is holding her daughter Grace (Steve Irwin's granddaughter) in her arms. They're happily walking outdoors.

If you grew up watching Steve Irwin on TV, odds are, you still can’t get over the fact that he has a granddaughter. Although this legendary animal lover passed long before the two of them could meet, that doesn’t mean he’s not in her life. In fact, 2-year-old Grace absolutely adores her mom’s dad, who she lovingly refers to as Grandpa Crocodile.


Recently, Terri, Bindi, and Robert Irwin discussed the special relationship Grace has with her late grandpa. Because they all live at the Australia Zoo, there are all sorts of imagery and videos of Irwin for little Grace to admire. This has her feeling quite close to him despite his absence.

Steve Irwin Leaves Lasting Impact on 2-year-old Granddaughter

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The special bond between Grace and Grandpa Crocodile can be seen in her bedtime routine. One night, little Grace added a new step all by herself. As she passed by a photo of Irwin feeding a crocodile she waved and said, “Goodnight Grandpa Crocodile!” She’s done this every night since then.

Plus, she even knows his most popular catchphrases! If you ask her what they are she’ll say “crikey,” “danger, danger, danger,” or “you little beauty.”

Although Bindi admits it’s difficult to not have her dad around, it’s comforting to think about how much he would have adored Grace. Robert agrees, adding some words of comfort.

“He’d be very proud, Bindi,” he says. “He’d be real proud of you.”

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