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Woman In Wheelchair Can’t Get Upstairs, But Then Man Pushes Button.

Unless you rely on the use of a wheelchair, chances are, you haven’t put much thought into the everyday challenges that the 2.2 million wheelchair-bound Americans face.

Tasks such as carpooling, reaching an office by stairs, and grocery shopping become far more complicated endeavors with a wheelchair. Yet, with so much technological innovation in the current era, it hopefully  won’t be long before these errands became ultra simplistic.

One example of this innovation has amazing the thousands of people who’ve watched the incredible video below.


When wheelchair users encounter stairs, they must ether find a ramp, required in new buildings by the American Disabilities Act, or an elevator. Unfortunately, as of right now, accommodations like these are still not required on historic properties, creating an unwelcoming environment for disabled visitors. Given these challenges, it means all the more when wheelchair users experience a triumph, especially one that asserts their independence as an individual.

In the video below, a woman in a wheelchair approaches several rows of stairs, but– at the push of a button– the stairs completely transform!

Check out the video below to see what happens, and share!

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