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Young Guys Take Homeless 20-Yr-Old On Shopping Spree, Then Reveal Even Bigger Surprise.

Mark Reininga had seen Kieran and his mother hanging around, living on the streets of Los Angeles, for some time. It took a while to get a conversation started, but once the two started talking, Reininga found himself drawn in to Kieran’s plight: How could Kieran get a GED and a job when he didn’t have a home, much less an address to write down on a resume?

This all happened back in 2015, when Kieran was 20 years old and had been homeless for the last six months. When he learned Kieran had dreams of one day becoming a game developer, Reininga “decided that it was time to help”and took his new friend’s hopes and dreams on as his own.

Mark Reininga raised money and took a homeless young man out to get new clothes, housing and other things he'd need to get back on his feet.

In February of that year, Reininga and some friends launched a fundraising drive, and a couple weeks later helped Kieran take the first steps toward his new life.


First, they took Kieran shopping at Target in Sherman Oaks, urging him to “get whatever you want — anything.”Among the items he selected were clothing that would be appropriate for work, since he planned to start applying for jobs.


After their shopping cart was full, Reininga booked Kieran and his mother a room at a nearby motel, then drove him to the post office so he could get a P.O. Box. Finally, Reininga drove to an ATM and withdrew cash for Kieran so he could pay for other necessities while he worked to get back on his feet.


On the drive back to the motel, Kieran expressed his gratitude and appreciation for even the simplest gestures: “Just be thankful, be thankful. I’m thankful for a sandwich,”he said humbly. “I found some donuts, got some donuts, a big bag of donuts … I got that too, I’m happy about that, thank you.â€

Reininga posted the video below on YouTube to share their inspiring friendship with the world. Months after posted, Reininga shared an update: “Kieran and his Mom are officially off the streets for good!! You guys rock!! God is good!”


Watch the video below for the full story, and share to inspire others to help out where they can!

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