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Spoiled Goldendoodle Won’t Eat Dog Food Unless It’s Covered In Pretend Ranch Dressing

Spoiled goldendoodle won't eat dry kibble unless it gets a heathy dash of pretend ranch dressing.

Tricks and treachery may come into play when your dog is a picky eater. Connor and Michelle Metrailler explain their tried and true method for getting their stubborn goldendoodle to eat. The Metraillers live in Toronto with their dog, Zoey. Michelle describes her loveable pup as a fussy eater and “senile.” Zoey is 14 in human years but qualifies as a senior in dog years. If you say she is a spoiled dog, you would not be incorrect.

In an interview with People, Michelle told them, “Zoey is on prescription food for her sensitive stomach, so she usually needs wet food on top.” The couple ran out of wet food and served up plain dry kibble one day. That was totally unacceptable to spoiled dog Zoey, who vocalized her distress.

Spoiled dog Zoey getting vocal about being served plain dry kibble.
Image from TikTok.

The trickery came into play as a desperate attempt to get Zoey to eat her kibble. It works. When the spoiled dog refuses her kibble, Connor reaches into the fridge, bringing out the trusty bottle of ranch dressing. Without opening it, he gives it a shake and passes the bottle over her food. Giving the bowl a shake after adding the pretend salad dressing, he places it back down into the feeding stand.

Pretending to add ranch dressing to her food, this dog-dad fakes his stubborn dog into eating her plain dry kibble.
Image from TikTok.

Zoey happily moves over and begins munching the exact same kibble she spit out just moments before. Michelle describes Zoey as very smart. But fortunately, this spoiled dog hasn’t figured out the ranch dressing ruse yet. As soon as Connor set her bowl down, she walked over and got busy eating.

We’re betting that you probably have your own tales of a spoiled dog. Please share with a friend who might need a little salad dressing on the side.

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