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Woman Shares Bittersweet Video When She Takes In Neighbor’s Pets After He Passes Away

Neighbor takes in a man's pets after his unexpected death.

Losing someone you love is never easy. Humans can evaluate and cope with feelings, but our pets don’t always get that same chance. When Ashley Matthews noticed several police vehicles and an ambulance at her neighbor’s house, she knew the news wouldn’t be good. Not knowing what to expect, Ashley checked on the neighbor’s pets. Discovering that her friend had unexpectedly passed away, she temporarily volunteered to care for his dog and cat.

Image shows police cars and an ambulance in front of a suburban home.
Image from TikTok.

Ashley is a dog groomer and has groomed her neighbor’s dog since he was a puppy. She knows the cat, too, as it was born to a stray under her own home. Keeping her neighbor’s pets until his children could pick them up was a simple choice for her. His children are all out of state, and she knew it might take days for them to make arrangements. Ashley couldn’t bear the thought of his little furbabies being turned over to a shelter, even for one day.


Out pets grieve just like we do. This whole situation has broken me. He wasnt just my neighbor. He was a great friend and none of this was expected. #petsgrieve #petslosshurts #rip #theyloveyousomuch #neverforgetyou #fyp #foryoupage #greivingprocess #wemissyou

♬ If I Would Have Known – Kyle Hume

As they navigate their grief, her neighbor’s pets are in a safe environment with humans that they know. This small gesture makes it easier for the animals to begin their lives without their “dad.” The two animals take solace in each other’s company. Ashley’s family, which includes several dogs, has welcomed the two as part of their “pack.”

Images show a small dog and cat cuddling. The two pets are staying with a neighbor after their owner passed away unexpectedly.
Image from TikTok.

Ashley’s genuine love for animals is helping these two adjust. They get human affection when needed and “alone” time to cuddle with each other. They would have been separated and in a noisy environment if they had gone to a shelter. Kudos to Ashley for caring enough about her neighbor’s pets to help them as they move into a future without their human dad.

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