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Son Pranks Mom With Trombone & It’s So Good She Can’t Even Be Mad

trombone prank

Peet Montzingo has been hilariously “sound-effecting” his mom’s life with a trombone for years, and a compilation video of the pranks over time is one of the best things we’ve seen on social media.

Peet is a media personality, influencer, and author. He’s also a musician who is constantly finding ways to use his trombone to playfully annoy his mom, Vicki.

While Vicki goes about her daily routine, Peet sneaks up and sound effects what she does, and he’s extremely creative. Fortunately, Vicki is a good sport. While she glares and rolls her eyes, she still thinks the running joke is hilarious, and she can never stop herself from laughing.


this needs to be reshared its been too long lmao🎺

♬ original sound – Peet Montzingo

Peet Gifts His Mom A Custom Trombone For Mother’s Day

Peet posts videos of his trombone pranks on his social media accounts, and his fans can’t get enough of them. Most of the clips go viral and get millions of views. One that shows a mashup of some of his best work has over 26 million views. Commenters say they can’t get enough of the wholesome and light-hearted mother-son dynamics.

“Oh, this is the best! Thank you for sharing!!” someone wrote.

“Awww love you and your mom so much!!! Ya’ll make me laugh!” gushed a fan.

“I love how sweet and playful y’all are to each other!” another person added.

“I absolutely love you guys!” shared a follower. “Your bond I’d beautiful”

“These videos are my all-time favorite,” someone admitted. “I think they’re so hilarious.”

The gag has been running for so long that Peet even decided to give his mom an even playing ground. For Mother’s Day 2021, he gifted her a custom trombone, so now she can give the pranks right back to him.

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