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Kevin Bacon Shows Off Hilarious Way He Stays In Shape While On Set

Close up of Kevin Bacon smiling from inside his trailer on set.

When we think of TV and film stars, it’s easy to imagine that every aspect of their lives are glamorous. But as Kevin Bacon points out, film days can often be 12 hours long. When they aren’t being filmed themselves, they’re most likely in their trailer. Here, each star will have certain items that help make the place feel like home. For some folks, this includes a gym. Bacon, who finds it difficult to fit in time for exercise while filming, has found the idea intriguing but hasn’t gotten one himself… until now.

After giving it some thought, he finally decided to ask about having a gym built on the set for him. When telling this story in the video below, it seems that Bacon is happily surprised that they were more than willing to fulfill his request. In fact, he wants to give his fans a tour! I promise, you’re not ready for the big reveal…

That’s right — Kevin Bacon was given two dumbbells and a single kettlebell. Needless to say, this is not exactly what the actor had in mind when he made his request for a gym.

“They really went all out with this one…” Bacon jokes in the caption of his post.

Kevin Bacon’s Request For a Gym On Set Doesn’t Turn Our Like He Had Hoped

Despite any disappointment over this mini gym, at least Bacon was able to make a funny video out of it! Fans of the star are certainly loving it.

“I thought you were going to show us a guy named Jim,” one fan jokes in the comments, with another adding, “Is that what star treatment is?”

“OMG!!! Hysterical. You had me going!!” someone else shares. “My mom ran craft service for many years on many sets for film and tv. I swear Kevin, I never saw a gym. Yours is pretty sweet.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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