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Brother Hides Behind Door To Prank Sibling, Then Sees Soldier Older Brother & Freaks Out.

soldier surprises pranking brother

Some pranks turn out to be much more memorable than you ever might expect.

In a brief video that’s quickly going viral, we see a young man who’s got a joke all lined up for his unsuspecting little brother, but little does he know that the joke is about to be on him! As someone shoots video from a landing high above the entryway to the family’s home, the middle brother,¬†Andrew, decides to hide behind the open front door so that he can jump out and surprise his little brother.

brother hiding

From his vantage point behind the door, Andrew can’t see who exactly is walking through the front door. He knows his little brother is coming in, but what he doesn’t see is that¬†his older brother, a soldier in the United States Armed Forces, has arrived.

He’d been granted leave, but the family didn’t mention it to his brothers, because who doesn’t love a good surprise?

brother soldier

As the soldier and his dad stand just inside the doorway, the little brother goes running past, with Andrew hot on his heels to spook him.

Just as he’s about to catch up with him, he stops dead in his tracks and whirls around. Even though we can’t see his face from this camera angle, it’s clear that he just caught a glimpse of his older brother!

brother soldier hug

Without missing a beat, Andrew launches himself into his older brother’s arms, wrapping his whole body around his sibling. You can tell he’s been missing his big bro so much, and the soldier seems genuinely thrilled to see his old sidekick, too.

soldier brother embrace

This is the sort of video that only lasts for a few seconds, but leaves a lasting impression on everyone who’s fortunate enough to see it.


All of the beautiful emotions that make families special are represented here, and it’s a wonderful sight to behold.

Check out the quick clip that’s making the whole internet collectively tear up below, and don’t forget to share.

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