Teen & Boyfriend Prank Dad With April Fool’s Day Proposal.

Oh, the thoughts that must’ve been going through this poor dad’s head.

His beautiful little girl just starting to make her way into the world, maybe already enrolled in some college prep courses with dreams of attending medical or law school. Eventually, maybe during her studies, maybe later, she’d fall in love and get married, then raise a family of her own.

That’s pretty much every parent’s dream. But those dreams went down the toilet with a massive splash the moment Savannah’s boyfriend did this:


Savannah may be (just barely) old enough to drive, but what about her future? Does she honestly think she and this bozo are ready, much less capable, to take on all the responsibilities of marriage? Where are they going to live? What about school?

Dad goes decidedly quiet on this one.


All this and more is running through his head as he tries to wrap his mind around the idea that his daughter just got engaged.

Where did I go wrong?


Wait. Did we forget to mention this happened on April Fool’s Day?

Now we don’t know what went down last April Fool’s, but we’re willing to bet this dad pulled a pretty big prank on Savannah. After all, that’s just what dads do! So that would’ve given Savannah an entire year to come up with something much, much better!


And Twitter is totally loving it!




Watch the faux engagement clip in the video below, and share to spread the laughs.

But not to Savannah’s dad. We’re guessing he’s not going to find anything remotely funny about this for a long, long time.

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