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High School Dance Team’s “Peter Pan” Routine Has Assembly Going Wild.

If there’s one dance team that knows how to put on a pep rally, it’s the Pac Dance Team at Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, Arizona. The team recently won its fourth consecutive state championship title and it’s currently competing on this season’s America’s Got Talent!

The team is nothing short of incredible, and anyone who’s ever watched their performances knows why their videos have gone viral. Who can forget the Pixar-themed homecoming rally that put them on the national radar, and their insanely creative and modern twist to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”from the Wizard of Oz?

pac team on AGT

Be sure to follow their progress on America’s Got Talent, but also be sure to check out some of the videos that led the show’s producers to invite them to audition in the first place. The video below was taken during last year’s winter formal assembly, and the crew’s energy and enthusiasm is just as infectious as in the three other movie-themed dances that shot them to fame.

The skit starts out with two members playing Wendy and Michael, the two children in “Peter Pan,” in the middle of the gym floor, reading that cherished children’s book before turning in for the night.

But sleep never comes, because Peter Pan himself, and Tinkerbell, come prancing out, and next thing you know, they’re all dancing and twirling for all they’re worth!

peter pan tinkerbell dancing

This late-night dance party gets kicked up a few notches when the Lost Boys make their entrance, and their synchronized moves just make you want to jump in and join them! It probably would’ve been too much trouble to rig up a rope-and-pulley system to simulate flying, but the Lost Boys easily pick up the slack, lifting Wendy and Peter, then Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, high above their heads and running them across the court instead.

peter pan tinkerbell flying

And they’d probably still be singing and dancing if it weren’t for that nasty Captain Hook. When he and his crew of low-life pirates pounce onto the stage, our band of merrymakers flee for the sidelines and let these guys have the stage. (At least, until they come up with a plan, because as everyone knows, Peter Pan is not a quitter.)

But frankly, the odds don’t look good. Hook and his crew easily outnumber Peter Pan & Co., but then, fighting fair and square has never been one of Hook’s strong suits…

captain cook and pirates

So, who will win this epic battle of good vs. evil? Check out the dance below and see!

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