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Mom Gives 5-Yr-Old Bear With Army Dad’s Voice, Ellen Sees & Arranges Bigger Surprise.

It’s no secret Ellen DeGeneres loves surprises. She’s the queen of catching celebrities and everyday folks alike off guard with hilarious pranks and tear-jerking gifts.

It’s also no secret she’s a big supporter of our servicemen and women, so this video of her surprising a military family isn’t exactly shocking… but it is insanely sweet.

Five-year-old Ellie and her mom Vanessa first caught Ellen’s attention when she saw a video of a special gift Vanessa and her husband David put together for their little girl’s birthday. In the clip, Vanessa hands Ellie a bear with a recording of David’s voice inside. Her reaction is too good:


“He joined the military, and they’re best friends — he’s never spent a day away from her,” Vanessa told Ellen. She explained they planned the teddy bear surprise for Ellie’s birthday so she’d feel her dad was with her.

The touching video not only earned them a spot on Ellen’s couch, but Ellen had even more surprises in store!

First, Ellen arranged for David to Skype in live! Vanessa was overwhelmed to see his face and little Ellie was all smiles.


It’s obviously a huge gift for the family to see one another in real time, but — in typical Ellen fashion, an even bigger surprise was to come…

Watch the video below to see Ellen’s life-changing gift to this deserving family, and share to spread some love today!

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