Kind-Hearted Hunter Spots Deer Trapped On Frozen Lake & Jumps Into Action.

Sometimes a video comes along that gives a whole new meaning to the expression “Minnesota nice.”

Avid hunter Darick Kvam of New Prague, Minnesota was out hunting with his friend Kody Hadler, when they came across a young deer who’d gotten stuck in the middle of a frozen lake. Although Darick and Kody were armed with rifles and were in the area specifically to hunt deer, they reacted in the sweetest, most sportsmanlike way imaginable.


As Kody videotaped the scene on his mobile phone, Darick approached the struggling deer and began to tug it free. Darick told local news channel WCCO that the ice on the lake was already about 4 inches thick, so he wasn’t concerned about falling through himself.


Darick dragged the deer across the frozen surface of the lake, but once they reached solid ground the poor animal continued to struggle. With his four legs shooting out to each side, the deer just couldn’t right itself, so Darick took his rescue one step further.


The hunter carefully placed his rifle to the side and reached down to lift the 100+ pound animal entirely off the ground. He then carried the deer to a forested area and placed him gently on his feet.

The deer quickly scampered away into the woods, and Kody and Darick sighed with relief. “He’s got sore legs now,” Darick remarked with a friendly smile.


Later that day, Darick shared the video to his Facebook page along with the caption, “Who else participated in catch and release deer season?”

“It felt good,” Darick later told WCCO. “It’s nice to give back to the wildlife. It’s just a respect thing, I guess, the way I look at it.”

The video has been viewed over 11,000 times so far, and everyone who sees it agrees that Darick and Kody showed the utmost respect for nature with this simple act of kindness!

Watch the video below and be sure to share this story with a nature lover who would totally react the same way!

Who else participated in catch and release deer season? Saved a button buck!

Posted by Darick Kvam on Sunday, November 12, 2017

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