Smiley Face Snake Goes Viral And Makes Friends With Millions

Someone holds a snake that's mainly white with a smiley face marking in yellow and brown.

Snakes aren’t particularly popular creatures, but it seems that Branden Nicholson is on a mission to change that. As a snake breeder, he interacts with all kinds of snakes, sharing many of them on social media. But one particularly unique gal continues to capture everyone’s attention — and for good reason! Rather than the kind of pattern you’d imagine on her scales, this snake has a smiley face.

Yes, that’s correct. A smiley face, just like the classic “Have a Nice Day” one. According to the New York Post, this unique marking is known as a pied mutation. This is when unexpected colors appear on reptile scales and bird feathers, though it’s more common for those in captivity.

Since going viral, this adorable snake has garnered quite a few fans — and I understand why! There’s something about that oddly perfect smiley face that makes her oh-so adorable. Plus, her unusual look makes way for some pretty great jokes.

Smiley Face Snake Goes Viral Thanks to “Happy” Appearance

“Oh yeah that’s the Risus Emoji Serpentes,” one person shares. “Very rare.”

Even Branden, who breeds snakes, seems rather amazed by her appearance. Plus, he’s hoping to see more unusual designs like this in the future. And if he does, he’s sure to introduce us to yet another snake friend!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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