Daring 7-Yr-Old Climbs Into Burning Home To Rescue Baby Sister.

You never really know how you’ll react during a life or death emergency.


A family in New Tazewell, Tennessee, recently found out that when push comes to shove, there isn’t much their 7-year-old foster son Eli wouldn’t do to help his loved ones.

On December 8, Chris and Nicole Davidson were enjoying a nice, quiet evening at home with their three kids. The lovebirds are both former firefighters who have fostered 34 children, including Eli. They have also adopted Erin, who is 22 months old, and Elijah, who is 2.

That night started like any other. The whole family was asleep in their beds when Nicole suddenly woke up to the smell of smoke. In a panic, she and Chris grabbed Eli and Elijah and raced for the door, but by the time they got to the room where Erin was sleeping in her crib, the fire had blocked their path.

That’s when the family decided to try another approach. Racing outside, they went to Erin’s bedroom window on the ground floor, but Chris couldn’t quite reach it to lift himself inside. Instead, they turned to Eli, who has lived with them for about a year.

“The smoke and fire was so thick there was no way I could get to her,” Chris explained. “We went outside to get to her from the window, but there was nothing for me to stand on to reach up there. So I picked up Eli, who went through the window and was able to grab her from her crib.”

“We couldn’t be more proud of Eli,” Chris added. “He did something a grown man wouldn’t do.”

With everyone safely outside, firefighters struggled to put the fire out. Unfortunately, the blaze ended up destroying everything the family owned.

“It’s devastating. We have nothing,” Chris said. “You have never been as humble as you are when you don’t even have your own underwear to wear.”

A GoFundMe was established to help them get back on their feet, and so far, it has raised more than $362,000! While they are still recovering from the terrifying event, they are in awe of their brave little boy. He was faced with an overwhelming situation and rose to the challenge.

“I thought I couldn’t do it, but then I said, ‘I got her, Dad,'” Eli said. “I was scared, but I didn’t want my sister to die.”

Eli, you are a true hero! Thank you for risking everything to save your sister’s life.

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