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Mom Gets Nervous When Kids Are “Too Quiet,” Steps Into Kitchen To Find Hysterical Scene.

Little kids are the masters of doing the strangest things for seemingly no reason. Ever confront a kid asking why they did something ridiculous or naughty? The answer is often “I don’t know.” But sometimes, with a little bit of prodding, you’ll get an explanation that’ll have you falling over laughing.

That was the case for one mom who stumbled upon this hilarious scene:

still covering

Apparently, Mom hadn’t heard a peep from her young daughter, Emily, and infant son, Ethan, in some time, and her mommy-intuition told her they might just be up to something. That’s when she found her Etan absolutely covered in peanut butter, and there was big sis nearby, looking just a little guilty.

doesn't know

Initially, Emily claimed that she “didn’t know” why she grabbed a large jar of peanut butter for baby-coating purposes. But she soon claimed to be “scrubbing” her little brother, which made Mom laugh (it’s a good thing she has a sense of humor!).

Ethan doesn’t quite have a grasp on speaking yet, so it’s hard to tell what he thinks of all this. Luckily, he doesn’t appear too upset.

baby covered in pb

Interestingly enough, Emily isn’t completely wrong about the “cleaning” power of peanut butter. It’s handy for getting gum out of hair, and can allegedly be used for getting rid of things like tar stains and scuff marks — but the jury’s out on whether or not the cleaning power of peanut butter extends to little brothers.

You can see this hilariously adorable viral video below. And if you’re a fan of crazy kid hijinks, please share this story!

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