Dad’s Genius Method To Uncover Who Cut Dog’s Hair Will Make You Howl With Laughter.

who cut dogs hair

It’s a mystery with a deadline: Who cut the family dog’s hair?

Dad gave Owen and Olivia until right before gymnastics practice to come clean, and if the guilty party came forward and confessed, they wouldn’t get into trouble. But neither child was willing to budge. Both Owen and Olivia insisted they hadn’t touched the dog’s hair.

Determined to get to the truth, their father uses a clever method to make the culprit reveal him or herself.

who did it

After turning on the camera, Dad gives Owen and Olivia one last chance to confess. Owen cooly states that he didn’t do it and that he has no idea who did.

owen says he's innocent

But Dad has a genius trick up his sleeve…

“Tomorrow morning, mommy is going to take the [dog] hair that she has in a Ziploc baggie, and we’re going to take it to the police station. They’ll tell us who cut the hair,” using fingerprint evidence.

Olivia began to show some signs of distress.

daughter is guilty

Owen calmly maintained his innocence, explaining to the best of his ability how he knows fingerprinting works. His limited knowledge seemed to startle Olivia, who begged her dad not to go to the police.

daughter confesses

The little girl finally admits that she cut the dog’s hair. When asked why she said that she didn’t know. It’s just one of those things that kids think is a good idea — right up until it isn’t.

Thankfully, the dog’s hair will grow back, but these kids will never forget this important lesson: You can’t pull one over on Dad!

Watch the clever interrogation below, and share to let other parents in on this handy investigatory tool!

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