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sam west shag routine

Older Man & Young Woman Line Up — His Slick Footwork Makes Crowd Go Wild!

Many people love to dance, but not everyone is cut out to win competitions. Dance partners Sam West and Autumn Jones, however? They’re the real deal!

At the 2017 Grand Nationals Carolina Classic dance competition in Charlotte, North Carolina, this dancing duo wowed the crowd with an incredible version of the shag featuring dance moves that made their legs look like they were made out of jelly.


The couple twirled and dipped, but the most interesting part of their performance was definitely happening from the hips down. We just couldn’t tear our eyes away from their jelly-legs!


This competition features serious DanceSport competitors only, and Sam and Autumn certainly fit that bill.

In fact, their version of the shag was so well-received that they ended up winning first place with what is considered by many to be the most diverse swing/shag dances in the world.


Sam and Autumn shook their booties to the classic country song “Pink Cadillac (featuring Bruce Springsteen)” by Jerry Lee Lewis. We could watch this dancing pair do their thing all day long! They’re truly mesmerizing!


Watch Sam and Autumn’s stunning performance below, and be sure to share it with a dance fan you know.

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