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Senior Golden Retriever Rides In Style For Trip To Dog Bakery

A golden retriever being pulled in a blue wagon.

When this senior golden retriever wasn’t quite up for a walk to the dog bakery, his owner came up with the perfect solution. She’d give him a ride instead! Dog mom Mackenzie Cann posted the sweetest video from her trip to the “barkery” on TikTok. At the beginning of the clip, she demonstrated how she made her elderly pooch’s collapsible wagon comfy for the ride.

Tagging along on this trip was Mackenzie’s other dog. While the senior golden retriever sat in the wagon, his younger sibling walked. Both seemed to enjoy the excursion, especially when they arrived at the bakery!

“Making sure my senior dog always feels included: a trip to the dog bakery,” their owner wrote over the footage.


celebrating 20K+ of you all here with a trip the barkery!!?!? 😭🤍🥹🥳 We <3 you guys!!! Big cake for 50k??? 🤪 @Three Dog Bakery #seniordog

♬ Simply The Best – Billianne

Once the group reached their destination, Mom let the senior pooch out of the wagon so that he could explore the store. The two dogs were more than happy to take advantage of some free samples! Mackenzie also bought some special treats just for them, which they gobbled up outside.

Finally, it was time to go home, which meant the senior golden retriever had to get back in the wagon. Of course, he seemed more than grateful for the ride — he’d already had quite a big day! All in all, the trip to the bakery seems like it was a huge success.

A golden retriever being pulled in a blue wagon.
Screengrab from TikTok

Commenters were touched to see this dog owner going out of her way to make her senior golden retriever feel loved and important.

“It doesn’t go unnoticed, that Goldie knows what you’re doing for him,” one person wrote.

“Don’t mind me,” added another. “Just crying over another stranger’s dog.”

Some of the positive comments on this video came from other senior golden retriever owners.

“My golden has started to get grey on her face, makes me tear up, I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks… this makes me so happy,” said one user.

It’s wonderful to see this beautiful, senior golden retriever living his best life in comfort and happiness with his generous owner. Kudos to you, Mackenzie, for treating your dog right!

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