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Meet This Gun Store’s Cutest Employee: A Baby Miniature Zebu!

Image shows a miniature zebu baby cow sitting on the lap of an employee at A & G Shooting.

A & G Shooting is a gun store in Fairfield, Maine. Although unremarkable on most days, the small shop is getting a massive surge of new “fans.” They’re not coming for the guns, though. People flock to the store to meet the newest employee, a miniature zebu cow named Kade. The fact that he is adorable only adds to the adventure.

Store owner Adam Hendsbee says Kade’s title is “Goodwill Ambassador.” As far as Kade is concerned, he’s a happy boi who enjoys all the attention. In an interview with WFVX-TV, Adam said, “Mom had rejected him so he was shivering and cold and laying in some mud in the woods and we found him and me and my wife brought him in the house and warmed him up and kept him alive.”

In another interview with WSVN-TV, Adam said, “Didn’t plan on having a cow but now we have a cow so what do you do with a cow? You treat it like a dog and you bring it to work.” The miniature zebu cow runs all over the store and acts like a puppy, so it all fits together. The customers love him. A bonus is that Kade is especially fond of kids.

As a rescue, the miniature zebu calf needs to be bottle-fed. Image shows a visiting news reporter helping with that task.
Image from YouTube.

The other employees might be jealous, but they enjoy having the little calf running around the showroom. Adam says he’ll keep bringing the miniature zebu to the store if he fits in the car. A full-grown bull is less than 3.5 feet tall but can weigh as much as 600 pounds. Eventually, the day will come when Kade will have to remain at home when Adam goes to work.

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